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Selna Partners advises real estate clients, and those in highly-regulated industries with a property emphasis, including cannabis and wine. As such, we have developed expertise in transactions, entitlements and related land use matters, code compliance, and litigation.

Our Oakland office anchors our firm in the East Bay and compliments our statewide practice. Our broad reach has made us uniquely adept at navigating real estate and land use issues in all California jurisdictions. We are often called on to assist in the closing of deals, obtaining city and county approvals, conducting due diligence, and if necessary, litigating.

We tailor our services to each client’s specific issues, expectations, and goals, resulting in the highest-quality legal work and creative solutions to complex problems. Simply put, we are our clients’ trusted partners.


Real Estate

Selna Partners represents clients with diverse real estate interests and
provides expert advice and representation on the full range of property and land use issues, including transactions, development entitlements and litigation…

Highly Regulated Industries

We help our clients in highly regulated industries understand California’s statutes and regulations, local ordinances and codes, and represent them in permitting, compliance and enforcement actions… LEARN MORE


We offer decades of broad litigation expertise.

We represent clients across multiple industries in real estate and governmental disputes…

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